Aurora Tealeaf

Sweet Helpful Halfling Cleric with Lesbian Tendencies


Class: Level 2 Cleric
Height: 3 feet
Weight: 40 pounds
Hair: Grey
Eyes: Hazel (ever changing depending on mood and the amount of evil in the area)
Weapons: Crossbow, Spear, Dagger
Armor: Studded Leather
Alignment:Neutral Good
Hit Points: 15
Background: Artisan

  1. You have unlocked the Amphibious achievement. The spell cast by Cruessa was not fully reversed by the orb. You have retained small webs on your hands and feet and tiny, almost indistinguishable gill slits on either side of your neck. This grants you “Hold Breath” as a trained skill and adds +5 to your speed when traveling underwater.
    47077 1
  2. You have gained the Spider Rider Acheivemnt. You rode and murdered a giant spider in the Western Jungle of Isle de Muertos.
  3. You have gained the Allosaurus Rider achievement. You jumped fearlessly on the back of this great beast and attacked.
    Allosaurus rider.full

Aurora Tealeaf

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