Oyster Shell Bat'leth

A huge curved blade made from a razor sharp and enormous oyster shell

weapon (melee)

A large C shaped blade that ends in sequenced points. Each blade has hand holds which allows the wielder to swing the weapon from the blade itself. It can also be used to aid propulsion in swimming.

Wielder gains +5 ft to movement when swimming.

Fragile Rule: For weapons, if a natural 1 is rolled then the object is “broken” and all further use of the weapon results in a -2 to hit and the impossibility of scoring a critical hit. If a weapon that is “broken” rolls another natural 1 then it cannot be used again.

Value: 10 gp
Damage: 1d10 slashing
Rules: Two handed, Fragile when removed from an aqueous environment, swimmers aid


Oyster Shell Bat'leth

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