Stingray Spine Javelin

A Javelin made from the Spine of a Stingray

weapon (ranged)

This bundle of Javelins are crafted from the tales of stingrays and can be thrown short distances through the water.

Fragile Rule: For weapons, if a natural 1 is rolled then the object is “broken” and all further use of the weapon results in a -2 to hit and the impossibility of scoring a critical hit. If a weapon that is “broken” rolls another natural 1 then it cannot be used again.

Price: 5 gp
Melee Damage: 1 d4 piercing
Ranged Damage1d6 piercing damage
Weight: 2 lb.
Range: 15 ft. range
Type: Finesse, Thrown, Fragile when removed from an aqueous environment


Stingray Spine Javelin

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