El Jazzar's Treasure

Finding a place to sleep

After trying to catch and kill the few escapees of the bar, our group headed back to the Equinox for some much needed rest. Izzy decided she would rather sleep on a roof and left the group. (Page) decided to pitch a tent behind a building. So three continued on. Upon arriving, Aurora Tea Leaf snuck aboard to determine if there were guards. She detected none, so Kvothe and Petro Goldstone clambered aboard. Unfortunately, they caused a ruckus and awoke Sir Langley and Captain Nezir. Petro and Kvothe were promptly kicked off the ship, but Aurora managed to stay aboard for the night in the company of the older gentlemen. Kvothe decided to crash with (Page) in the tent. Petro wanted some further adventure. He was jumped by 3 bums, which he killed and then passed out in a back alley to sleep off his drunken stupor.

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire

Shortly after deciding to embark on a search for treasure, the newly formed band of misfits found their way to the local tavern. The group engaged in merriment and gambling. Before they attempted to gather any pertinent information regarding their upcoming journey, the resident angry dwarf managed to draw massive amounts of unwanted attention to himself with his unfamiliarity with the rules of a pirate’s game. In order to avoid a certain bloody fiasco, a distraction was created in the form of a fire by a giant who instantly hoisted his fair friend onto his shoulders and bolted for the exit. The adventurers managed to escape with few scrapes but were able to assist all but a few poor souls in finding their early graves.

A Night in Dragoon's Wharf
A Night to Remember

The Adventurers met in the waning evening hours at Dragoon’s wharf. They did not previously know each other but were each drawn by an announcement promising treasure and adventure.

After a short time the adventures came upon the other companions who were drawn to the Wharf by the announcement. They met Arden, Kellis, Akia, Mikqua, Nimyira, and Ussea.


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