Cruessa's Den

Cruessa’s Den: This hole located at the bottom of a deep ocean ravine is the same den that Cruessa discovered her orb. It is a twisted, winding pit guarded by Locathah and Merfolk who have fallen under her command. The complex is infused with highly advanced machinery run off underwater steam vents which issue from fissures throughout the cave. This system of pipes, pullies, levers, and gears control doors and the water levels in various parts of the den.

Map 2

Please note that this is not an exact representation of the dungeon but does present the basic layout.

Steam Door: This large, rounded door is connected to the mechanical steam vents that run throughout the cavern. Most of the mechanisms have been disabled, however, this door is clearly in working order. There is no steam issuing from the floor or walls within this room. The door has 11 small holes with glass gauges above them. There are 10 rounded doors on either side of long hallway leading up to the locked door

Steam door

Cruessa's Den

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