Environmental Rules

Under Water

- Pressure: When the players reach a depth of 150 ft or more, the rules for pressure apply. This can be ignored with a constitution save with a DC 15. While subjected to deep pressures there is a -2 penalty to perception and dexterity checks. They are also at a disadvantage for any checks which involve hearing.

- Dark Water: Dark water constitutes a -2 to movement checks, ½ speed, and -2 to perception checks.

- Out of your element: The adventurers are land animals. And there fore are not used to battling in a water environment. All attacks which are not made head on can roll to surprise the victim against their wisdom check.

- Sinking: Any adventure carrying more than 50 lbs of equipment must pass a strength check DC 15 or sink.

- Water is thicker than air: -2 to attacks made with weapons that deal bludgeoning or slashing damage.

Underwater combat


- Dense growth: -5 to speed and disadvantage to all checks involving movement.

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Environmental Rules

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