Isle de Muertos

Isle de Muertos: This is the jungle island where the treasure is supposedly hidden. Numerous disappearances, ship wreaks and rumors of restless spirits have kept explorers from fully mapping the island.



The Western Jungle: This dense jungle is home to thousands of species both helpful and harmful. It is an extremely dangerous place for those who are unfamiliar with the ways of the jungle. The environment is teeming with aggressive predators, poisonous plant-life, and disease spreading mosquitos.

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Lizard-Folk Temple City: This enormous sprawling complex is build on a patch of rocky terrain between the Western Jungle and the Slithering Swamp. It is home to a huge tribe of Lizard-Folk who seem to worship the Great Volcano (or something inside it). Features of the city include an enormous soaring temple of 1,000 steps and a colosseum type structure with a complex labyrinth in the center. The temple is reserved for sacrifices to the lizard god of chaos, Sleethloc, while the labyrinth was built for the entertainment of the citizens and a punishment for criminals and slaves.

Temple city

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The Great Volcano: This soaring peak dominates the sky line of the Isle de Muertos and can be seen from any point on the island. It is constantly smoking and the area around it is surrounded by ash and nothing grows there. The Volcano seems to be the recipient of worship from the local Lizard-Folk Tribe.


Island Lagoon: A large Lagoon in the northern center of the island. It serves as an ideal harbor for mooring a ship and provides protection from the yearly hurricanes which pummel the island.

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Snake River: A winding river which cuts through the Great Plain and into the Western Jungle. It is filled with numerous piranhas, crocodiles, treacherous rapids, and breath taking waterfalls.

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Skull Cave: A cave which can be found along the Snake River. It contains a strange well.

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The Great Plain: An open and lush plain land between the Black Swamp and the Central Mountains. This provides the main hunting grounds for the island’s predators.

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The Black Swamp: A dark wet land with many hazards.


Isle de Muertos

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