Dragoon’s Wharf: A small port town with a notably seedy underbelly. This is the location where the announcement said to meet in order to join on the adventure.

The small port town has been ravished by a deadly blaze which consumed half of the port district and most of the river slums. Over 400 inhabitance were pronounced dead in this seven day blaze and more than 1,000 are left homeless. Perhaps worst still, the fire has caused economic ruin to the once lively trade port and the few families and businesses who remain are stiffed by unprecedented poverty. The only good news is that real estate values are at an all time low.

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The Rat Trap Inn: A disgusting establishment which served as a den for illegal activities including gambling and black market trade. The establishment no longer stands and reports vary as to the cause of its destruction.

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Dragoon’s Wharf Guard House: Where the local riff-raff are kept under lock and key. Numerous breakouts have occurred from the prison cells

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The Equinox: An impressive Galley owned by Sir Robert Langley. This ship has since sunk somewhere off the south east coast of the Sea of a Thousand Nights.



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