The Sea of a Thousand Nights

Sea of a Thousand Nights: So named because it has never been successfully crossed to reach land to the West. This tropical body of water has crystal clear waters, is speckled with volcanic islands, and is know for deadly storms which disrupt its otherwise pristine beauty.

Seascape oil painting

Wreckage Raft: The raft hastily lash together by the survivors of the sunken Equinox.

The raft of the medusa

Wreak of the Equinox: The final resting place of the ship.

The wreck of the goodwife by torstan

Merfolk Village: a merfolk village which was once terrorized by the evil sea hag Cruessa. Since her death the population of the village has tripled and they citizens seem happier. A fascination with music and dance has taken over popular culture of the inhabitance.

Mer village

The Sea of a Thousand Nights

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